Eclips, 2018

cardboard disk thrown for the sun



Alps, 2019

studio image made with wax, rocks



Golden Hour, 2019

studio image made with foil



Leon, 2018

studio image made with coffee grain, dirt, water,

image printed on zinc



Pool, 2017

mirrored foil taped on fishnet




Chalk, 2018

chalkpaint on concrete pavement



“Can a cardboard disc be mistaken for the moon? Could a stroke of paint be perceived as a beam of light?” In her photographic work, Ann Vincent experiments, fails, plays and messes around with our perception of reality. We are confronted with very familiar scenes, which we tend to overlook at first glance: a puddle of water, a sunbeam on the pavement, …Vincent aims to re-create these fleeting moments in her studio and capture them in a photograph. The exact visual appearance of a footprint in the sand is imitated by industrial chemical components. Each image is a careful creation, the result of a ceaseless pursuit for the right material, lighting condition and framing. The process is messy, but the result seemingly perfect. Ann Vincent plays a trick on us, and in doing so, touches upon one of photography’s most fundamental properties: its disturbing relationship with reality. This body of work is an illusion, disclosing its poetic magic only to the attentive viewer.

Rein Deslé